CAVS messed up my computer

I had the current version of CAVs in my computer but I never ran it, I just ran it to scan and test once but it would keep the updater still in the background. I was having so many problems. I was unable to right click and open task manager some times and certain programs didnt run right.

After uninstalling it my computer is running faster and more normal, and havent had an error yet. I dont know what it is but, I hope the next version of CAVS is good because I’m looking foward to that

For now I will stick to Comodo Firewall Pro and Avira AntiVir Premium.

CAVS 3 will be much improved and there will be a Comodo Internet Security Release too.

CAVS 3 betas due to hit the forum at some point before the end of June.


CAVS 2 Development has stopped. Considering it is BETA.

All development work is going into CAVS 3, Please be patient for v3. It promises to be good.