CAVs is multi-user incompatible!

Hello Soya, Jahn and Vire! ((:

Thanxs 4 your contribution on “How can I install Comodo Firewall…?”!
I wasn’t expecting so many answers!

As I tough so.
Low system specs!

I’m using a more updated machine now!
Everything is running smooth!
Except 4 1 little thing.

When I switch users, CAVs complain that is not multi-user compatible.
How can this afect the protection level of the machine, when is accessing the internet with multiple users?

Does this mean that the anti-virus tool is not efficient 4 the system protection?

Thanx 4 your time! ((:


well it probably two reason.

  1. The license key is only for one account.
  2. The antivirus is installed only for the main account.

go to and find some help there… (R)