CAVS installed=won't boot.

I’ve tried twice now. When I install CAVS my computer won’t boot past a blank screen. It’s almost as if it’s blocking explorer.exe from loading. Both times I have had to boot in safe mode and uninstall CAVS in order to get my comp to finish booting up. I’ve had to go back to using AVG even though I’d really prefer CAVS since I love CPF. I’m using XP SP 2 BTW.

I have the same problem. I installed CAV 1.1 6 month ago. I deinstalled CAV 1.1. And at this time i have problems with installing CAV 2.0. I am waiting for CAV 3.0 and when i can´t install cav 3.0 clearly then i think i must set up my operation system windows xp.


Well I actually remembered that I already have HIPS active in the form of Spyware Terminator’s “Real Time Shield”. I need to disable that or uninstall it to see if it’s a conflict causing the problem. Haven’t had time to do any more troubleshooting. Hopefully that’s the problem.

same sort of problem with w2k sp4. You ought to run chkdsk/f from DOS and fix the boot files befor its too late.


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