I think I found a bug (at least an annoyance) in the way CAVS asks to run an unkown exe. If more than one user is logged in to win xp pro and you happen to be using the user that logged in last, then when a new app comes up for permission it will only show the pop up window on the user that logged in first. This requires you to switch users and allow or disallow that app to run. Anyone else see a problem?

CAVS does not currently support multi-user environment (ie, fast-user switching). It won’t function properly in this scenario.

For it to work properly (at present), each user has to log off, and the next one log on. Then it works fine.

Development team is aware of this, and will have it fixed in the future. Other issues are taking precedence.



thanks, good to know it’s on the list to be done. Maybe this is why (the fast user switching thing) my scheduled scanner isn’t working either?

Possibly that, and the scheduled scanner won’t start the computer/bring it out of standby/sleep/hibernate. Doesn’t seem to have that capability. They’ve just gotten Backup to be able to do this, so perhaps CAVS will soon. I have previously added that to the WishList.


It’s just weird, I know I’m in the wrong post, that the scheduled scanner won’t run. I’m logged in with the welcome screen showing because of being inactive for a period of time but the computer isn’t in sleep/hibernate/whatever. It’s fully awake.

I’ve experienced the same thing. Unless you’re actively working on the computer when the schedule hits, it won’t start. Standby, locked, it’s all the same - it won’t run.

I personally don’t like it that way. Seems like the only ones that will are the big names (in my experience) - Norton, McAfee, Trend Micro; I have not found any others that will run when locked, standby, etc. Don’t know why.


I use a backup utility that runs when logged in but with the welcome screen showing. It uses the ‘scheduled tasks’ folder and I can set the user to the admin and put the admin password in so that it will run. Maybe we can do that (use the scheduled tasks folder) with the scan executable and put in a switch after the program location so that it runs the specific scan we set?

I’ve thought of that. Haven’t tried it yet. The tricky part would be getting the scan parameters we want…