CAVS Free?

Hi everyone ;D
New to the Comodo forums and need a couple questions answered about CIS
MY apology if this has been covered in another string.
Downloaded and installed CIS RC2 (anti virus only) on my test system running XP SP2.
Noticed after install that there is an option for the 'PRO" paid version.
The free CAVS I have running seems to be fully functional with auto updates and virus scan and removal.
Are there or will there be any disabled options with CAVS or CIS free vs. paid with the final release? ???

hi smoaky (:WAV)
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afaik CIS is & always be 100% FREE. (L)
maybe you mean the CFP PLUS?
the paid service are 100% fully functional CFP/CIS with additional:
* Installation and security configuration by Comodo Security Experts
* Malware diagnosis and removal by Comodo Security Experts

WOW that was a quick reply (:CLP)
Yes you are probably correct but the splash screen came up during first boot after installl of CIS RC2 and I clicked off of it too quickly.
Really want to install the final release of CIS on my Vista Ultimate system but have had past experiences with Comodo Firewall on my Vista system which continually bombarded me with pop up alerts even in install mode several weeks after install. Finally had to uninstall the firewall to get some peace of mind. I appreciate the thoroughness of a firewall alerting me but I tended to believe that it had constant memory loss and would never remember any of my allowed programs. (:SAD)
Any improvements in regards to this in the new version?

Hello there and welcome to the forums (:WAV),

well, normally you should definitely see the difference between the CFP 3 first version and the one integraded into CIS. It’s alerts have been reduced a lot and that’s only going further in the future


Are they going to release a new firewall version (for people who don’t want CIS) that has reduced alerts too?

AFAIK yes… why not ?


New to using CAVS with Defense +
I have a program (cleanmem) that is scheduled to run every 30 minutes to free up some of my RAM.
Defense + blocks it every time because it tries to access memory.
I am new to setting rules and need help on how to get CAVS to allow this program to run instead of blocking it
and showing up on my Proactive defense as a suspicious attempt.
My apologies for the newbie question. (:SAD)
Thanks (L)

Is CIS with CAVS disabled somehow different from a CFP 3.5 standalone (about which I hear here for the first time)?

CIS with CAVS3 disabled is the normal firewall but then latest beta


errr try opening Defense+/Advanced/computer security policy
find your cleanmam and edit the rule as trusted application :-La
goodluck (:WAV)