CAVS finall version

If I understand all the things right we still have a beta version of the program. When COMODO will release the finall product of this software? Will it take long? Is the beta version still unstabile?

Yes, we have 2.0 beta now. It is said for 3.0 (beta?) to come by the end of July, but that was said a long time ago. I think it will be delayed, not the least because Comodo is working ■■■■■■■ the firewall now. On the other hand, I think Kevin works ■■■■■■■ the antivirus side.

I consider the beta as stable enough, but there are minor bugs. And always, a beta is not recommended for a production environment. If you want great protection there are other options, but if you whish to help Comodo to make the very best antivirus, use 2.0 beta and report bugs! The 3.0 version will be something much better than 2.0, with less impact on resources, and better detection.

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Although some time ago now, I seem to recall that Melih had said something along the lines that CAVS and CFP each had their own development team; so one’s progress ought not to impact the other. Of course, having said that, I suppose people employed by a company certainly can be moved around, especially if the boss wills it. :slight_smile:


That sounds reasonable Laurence, I had in mind that it could be the case. Anyhow, Comodo generally seems to put their biggest efforts into the firewall. But anyhow again, Kevin wrote somewhere that he’s working ■■■■■■■ the AV side, so we probably have something powerful to look forward to. :slight_smile:


That CAVS is still a beta can also have to do with the detection rate. Maybe they wait untill that part of CAVS is more compatitive with other AV’s.

Greetz, Red.

I asked you this question because I’m using he firewall and it looks like a good piece of software and I wait for the anti virus because it might be as good as the firewall (R)