CAVS e-mailscanner slow?


I am using CAVS beta 2.0. It seems to be good. The update function is not slowing down the computer much, the virusscan is a bit slow though, and the e-mailscanner seems really slow.

Using Thunderbird it was not even possible to use CAVS because nothing happened, i kept being logged out of the server due to the time it took to scan.

Using Eudora i managed to download one scanned e-mail, but it took about 2 minutes for one e-mail of 14 kb. I have a 2 mbit connection.

Is there something i can adjust or is the program this slow?

What e-mailprogram is CAVS optimal for?
(Dont say you have a freeware mailscanner that is not working well with the biggest
freeware e-mail programs) :wink:

I like the program though…

CAVS beta 2.0 e-mailscanner works extremely slow with Eudora.
2 minutes for a mail of 14 kb.

Is there something I can do?

How to configure it for thunderbird?
It just stops when i tell Thb to fetch new e-mails.
Nothing happens, the scan logo is visible in the right bottom corner, but the next thing to happen is that i am logged out from the server because of time.

What e-mail programs is CAVS tested for?

I think i have written about five questions on the same subject, why is the e-mail scanner so slow?
But i haven’t recieved any answers. And others with the same question dont have any answers, neither.
Why not?
The first question was asked for about three weeks ago.

What good is a forum with no answers?

Or mabe You have no answers?

I suppose there will be no answers. Well then, the conlusion is obvious:
“I cant recommend this program. No support and bad performance.”

Hi matzas,

this days are hot for the exit of new CFP3.

Can you list the O.S. and all the software that are installed besides CAVS, included other software for safety?

I only have a problem on one computer with CAVS email scan and this is with outlook express. It works fine on both computers with Thunderbird - though I had to tick the box in Thunderbird settings to ‘allow antivirus software to quarantine individual incoming messages’. Seems to work ok once this is ticked and firewall configured to allow full access to CavEmSrv.exe.

I have disabled the CAVS2 email scanning on the computer where I use outlook as the email scanner slows the downloading of mail with outlook express. I use CFP3 with defence+ active so this does not worry me.
I have email scan active on the other pc as it works great with Thunderbird on this pc. I am patiently waiting for CAVS3 to be released - this will be a completely different ball game to CAVS2 and hopefully will work seamlessly alongside the latest firewall.


Thanks for your answer. I have the setting with quarantain already. But what is this about allowing
firewall to allow full access to CavEmSrv.exe? I have a hardware firewall, so there is nothing about allowing acess to .exe files, and FULL acess is not even in question for ANY program. I have given acess to CavEmSrv.exe to some ports, but it does not help.

Is there something i have not seen?

Of course, it is always possible to disable the e-mail scanner. Thats how i solved the matter for now. But it feels like a defeat.


My OS is XP.
I have a hardware firewall for my home network, a router.

CAVS is installed on one of the computers. So there is no need to give CAVS firewall access.
There are no other active programs for safety on that computer.
Ad-aware, but only in manual mode.

I think that you should review the hardware firewall policy.

errr, 88) sorry to interrupt, this is not really helping,
but i think you better uninstall CAVS2 BETA, use another stable AV for now, like Antivir or avast and wait for the next CAVS 3. (V)