CAVS Beta didn’t detect Eicar

I was testing the antivirus beta version this morning & it froze my internet a couple of times then was stable so I decided to test on Eicar site It allowed me to not only download zip files but didn’t detect Eicar when opened & executed. The only warning I got was when opening Eicar normal file & this warning was just from the Hipp asking allow or block. Windows defender detects these files every time before any other programme does. Avast detects as a Eicar virus test & ask to repair or delete never to allow.

Edit: don’t shout, please :).

This appears to be a problem with CAVS2 - if you right click the eicar file and scan with CAVS it will detect the test file but on-access scanner does not pick it up. The on-access scanner works well on real malware, it has picked a few up on various pc’s I have tested it on but it does not pick up Eicar files. Hopefully this will be fixed in the next CAVS version as it has been reported many times.


Thanks for the reply I must start searching topics, I know what it’s like answering the same thing time & again.