CAVS Beta, a mere 3 hindrances.

First off, let me say, I love the whole Comodo line. I had other products before, but they started to bother me after a while… Comodo was easy so I just went with it. I’m sorta paranoid about computer security. If I find a server contacting me I don’t know, I look it up, and if my machine tries to send out data to a server I don’t know, i scan my entire computer for spyware, viruses, adware, etc…

And now, I know this is the beta, but there’s still 3 problems annoying me:

  1. When I boot up CAVS, the HIPS (Nice Pun) asks like 50 times to allow one of it’s own files to run… like any random one. CMain.exe, CAVAud.exe, ect. Eventually I just turned HIPS off.

  2. This one’s already been mentioned: the one where opening the manage part of the hips closes after opening it

  3. I like to use the Windows Task Manager to see what amount CPU and Memory each of my programs is using. Since about a week after installing CAVS, it wouldn’t launch anymore. My OS was being annoying anyway, giving me some error about my internet not being connected, while I was obviously downloading a file or playing a game, so I reinstalled windows. Well, same thing happened again after I installed CAVS on the ‘fresh slate’. I don’t use the task manager to terminate programs, I have another program to do that (Task manager is too weak to terminate some tough ones.)

In short, I enjoy it very much except for these 3 problems, and that’s it. Unfortunately, while I could deal with the first two in order to use the program, since I liked it, the third really annoys me more than anything. So I’m going to wait til’ you have a stable v2 or v3 because I just want my task manager back.

Other than that, I have to say, great work. I will still use the firewall and BOClean. Eagerly waiting for the next release!

-=- TJRuLeZ -=-

Hi & welcome.

Good to hear your opinions. As for the HIPS, did you try to exclude the specific files? Personally I excluded my whole Program Files folder to get rid of all those pop-ups (I don’t have CAVS today though, actually I have no AV at all right now).

As for the task manager, have you got it back now when you’ve uninstalled CAVS? Did the uninstallation go well, or did you reinstall Windows once more?

Let’s hope that the developers pick up the problems your describing. CAVS 3 beta may arrive “soon” (before Christmas maybe? just a wild guess based on posts from Melih), the code is totally rewritten and new functionality will be implemented.


you will get HIPS popus when you do Windows update on every file i turn off the HIPS i got very irritated on this so i start with HIPS turn off for now cant Comodo company build a task manger so i can see what program it related with the file/files this will change the result and make it easier for other to use comodo (R) (S)