CAVS Beta Launched

Hi all,
This is to inform that CAVS Beta is released for beta testers b. [/b] You can download it from link:

Please uninstall previous version before installing it. There were some structural changes done in safelist database. Please select check box for “Delete user profiled safelist DB” while uninstalling previous version.
Thanks for your co-operation in building this product bugs free and stable. Please keep it up.

Note: Please select check box for “Delete user profiled safelist DB” while uninstalling previous version.
The submit file program may fail to submit the files upto next 24 hrs.(DNS propagation may take upto 24 hours)

Bugs Fixed:

The following bugs in forums have been fixed in the application.

  1. High CPU uses by cavse.exe -,6013.msg44596.html#msg44596,6013.msg45090.html#msg45090
  2. In startup CAVASM takes high CPU usage -,3931.msg29901.html#msg29901
  3. HIPS alert buttons are not visible -,6013.30.html,6013.msg45125.html#msg45125
  4. “Enable automatic submit” checkbox not working -,5211.msg38468.html#msg38468

The following bugs in bugzilla have been fixed in the application.

  1. System hangs while executing the exe files

  2. User marked safe files are displayed in allow block list instead of displaying in user marked safe file list

  3. Multiple instance of cavsubmit is running on startup

  4. Suggestion in scan summary

  5. Short cut keys are not working in HIPS alert

  6. Pressing F1 gives error message in install wizard

  7. Scan window hangs on clicking STOP button

  8. Email scanner is not remembering the saved password in outlook

  9. Repair wizard is not opening on clicking repair button

  10. Selected files are not remembered in UPSDB maker.

  11. UPSDB maker, allow the user to add folder\files where parent folder already added

  12. In UPSDB maker non exiting files are made safe

  13. Machine hangs in this scenario

  14. Engine fails to load safelist database

  15. File are not displayed in scan type window in scan scheduler

  16. Rules added for removed application cannot be removed.

  17. CAVS slow downs boot up and shut down process

  18. HIPS pop-up Buttons not displayed in this scenario

  19. IE script error in scan scheduler

  20. Thunderbird gets timeout while connecting to server

  21. On access detecting the viruses even after disabling

  22. Machine hangs while accessing a eicar file

  23. Parent Details are not displayed in HIPS

  24. HIPS alert is displayed without any message

  25. CAVS_V2 is not detecting the installed CAV_V1.1 during installation.

  26. Updater is not disabled in user mode

  27. CAVApp crashes in this scenario

  28. Machine hanged due to HIPS

  29. cavse.exe taking more CPU time and memory space

  30. Email scanner blocks outgoing emails

  31. Buffer overflow Error is displayed by Email scanner

  32. Email scanner crashes in this scenario

  33. Unable to initialize context menu

I haven’t used any comodo products for a while now, does this still install launchpad and stuff? I need to be able to easily uninstall this if it is necessary. Is that going to be possible? (Same question for most current version of the firewall)

Launchpad has been discontinued for a long while now (even before I first installed cpf :D)

Wonderful! I’ll start downloading :slight_smile:

(On a completely random note: I’m eating a bowl of raisin bran that has no raisins. It doesn’t taste so good :frowning: )

Thanks kishork: I would like to download and take CAVS for a run.
Can I not download the beta version?
I am currently using COMODO Firewall and Verification Engine.
If it is required to register to download beta, please advise.
Thanks kindly (:KWL)

Are their known issues with CAVS and Vista?



You can download CAVS beta 2 from the first link Kishor posted, or from here:

You do not need to register.

Remember this is beta software so make sure you take precautions.



Curently CAVS does not support Vista. Work on a Vista compatible version should start when the current version become stable.


The Microsoft sent some money to make good ads for the Vista but i guess i’ll wait at least a year (guess at least for the sp1 version, then see whassup’) to get it. Once i looked through what’s new and if ever anyone will make a compare between vista and xp (fe. home), it’ll be one of the shortest list ever (~max one A4 page?). I also find it funny - i read this 3 days ago in a Hungarian article - that if i got a Vista (any business related) license, i can use an xp pro as well (doesn’t matter what license i had before…): so, what if i buy xp pro insted then give me a free Vista as well, lol.

That’s interesting, I’ve never heard of that before, but I doubt it works with XP to Vista lol