CAVS Beta launched

Hi all,
This is to inform that CAVS Beta is released for beta testers (only). You can download it from link:

Please uninstall previous version before installing it. This version can not be updated from the previous versions. This is because of some major structural changes in safelist database and user profiled database.
Thanks for your co-operation in building this product bugs free and stable. Please keep it up.

Functionality added.

  1. UPSDBMaker provided option to send the user profiled safelist report. The report will be queued for submission. Also user can view user profiled safelist report.
  2. Included Unpackers pecompact v 1.68 - 1.84, exe32pack v 1.38, exestealth v 2.5 - 3.7x, 2.7, 2.75, petite ver 2.x, telock v 0.90 *, yoda v 1.1,1.2
  3. Shorting functionality is provided in Allow/Block manager.
  4. Searching functionality is provided in Allow/Block manager

Bugs Fixed:

  1. sometimes, PC freeze for a few seconds,3690.15.html

  2. HIPS & On-access both enabled causes lock,3694.msg28572.html#msg28572

  3. HIPS Exclusion not working,3694.msg28637.html#msg28637,3931.msg29901.html#msg29901

  4. The path for this executable shows only a single backslash at the beginning of the path, rather than a double backslash,3820.msg28996.html#msg28996

  5. CAV getting small hangs, 10-20 sec.,3931.msg29952.html#msg29952

  6. Sometimes 5-10 sec hang when installing new software,3931.msg30666.html#msg30666,4071.msg31050.html#msg31050

  7. Submitting files delay 10 to 15 sec between each one,4071.msg32119.html#msg32119

  8. Machine hangs on every reboot after installing CAVS

  9. Can not able to reboot

  10. Safe file submission window is opened without checkboxes

  11. CAVsubmit is not terminated even after CAV is exited

  12. CAV submit window is not launched when submit button is clicked

  13. Cav submit crashes in this scenario

  14. CAVsubmit initialization problem

  15. HIPS is working Even after disabling

  16. Right click menu is enabled in HIPS alert

  17. Allowed pop-up appears even it is not enabled

  18. HIPS pop-up Buttons not displayed in this scenario

  19. Submit wizard is opened without files for submission