CAVS Beta launched

Hi All,
This is to inform that CAVS Beta is released for beta testers (ONLY). You can download it from link:

Its is in continuation of last stable release. This version Beta can be updated from last two released version ie and Thanks for your co-operation in building this product bugs free and stable. Please keep it up.

Features added:

  1. Web lookup is implemented for HIPS: A new setting added is setting IPS>Advanced Settings->Look up at COMODO safelist server if a file is not found safe :
    Checking this box means the application will contact Comodo’s secure server to consult the global safe-list whenever a file is not found on the user’s local safe-list. Whenever a file is executed the first action taken by HIPS is to check the file is safe using the local safe-list database. If the file is found to be safe, HIPS allows it to run. If the file is not present then HIPS will perform a lookup on Comodo’s global database, which contains the most up-to-date records. If the file is in this global list, then the application will notify the user and add the file to the user’s local database. If the “Lookup” check box is not checked, HIPS will not search into the global database.

Note: HIPS alert will automaticllay go off if the file is found as safe through weblookup and the file will be allowed to execute.

  1. Web lookup is implemented for Cavsubmit: The files are checked on comodo safelist database before uploading the file for two things.
    i. Whether the file is in global safe-list database. If so, it does not upload the file. And it updates the local safelist database for that file.
    ii. If the same file is already uploaded by some one, some times back, then it simply skip the uploading of that file. This avoids the duplicate submission and saves user’s bandwidth.

Please test this setup completely. If you all feel good, we will go for releasing the same setup to all users on comodo website by next week.


As a final or beta?

it will still be beta, but replacing 1.1 from our websites.

then few weeks later, all being well, should be final…


I have been submitting files that CAV has found are not on the safe list. Most submit successfully. Six files however continually fail to submit. The upload of the file stops and restarts. One of the files is the installer file for CAV ( While these are all large files, larger files have uploaded. Any suggestions?

Hi Jim,
The bigger(more than 10MB) files are not submitted due to server limitations. The bigger files are mostly setup files and we do not want user to submit big setup files. This is because the individual files of each setup will be submitted if they are not found in comodo global safelist database.

Pls remove all of them manually. We have already found this issue and in next update this bug will be fixed. From next updates CAVSubmit will not try to submit such large files again and again.


Never did go final anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

CAVS 3 will rock!!! :smiley:


CAV 3 is around the corner 88)