Cavs awarded a bronze award

I’ve been a Cavs2 user for some time now but after reading the latest edition of Webuser i’ve decided to change to AVG free edition (which got the silver award)…what do you think?

P.S Avast home edition got the Gold award!!

Just wondering why you would change to the silver award if the gold award is free as well…?

Harry (:NRD)

They seems not to know to evaluate AVs product because Avast is vulnerable at many points. At least, it don’t recognize viruses/spyware/malware/etc injected in other type of file than executables.
If you virus is stored in a .jpg or else and you execute it, you are down.

Never been a fan of Avast after it ‘seemed’ to mess my system up…probably not the cause but i can’t bring myself to reinstall it (:SHY)

Well, I think you are better off with avira as a free antivirus. AVG is fine, it isnt my favorite, AVAST! is good, but its slow. My new number 1 freebie is avira.

I’ll take a look at Avira…any reasons why it’s your number 1 freebie? Webuser only gave it 3 out of 5 stars mainly because of the lack of E Mail protection and the fact that it flags safe programs as threats!


Avira is OK but it doesn’t have an email scanner if I remember well…


A lot of free scanners dont use email scanners.

Well avira (the paid version) gets good detection ratings from the very respected and reputable site Since the free version has the same detection rating as the paid version you would be quite secure. However the free version dosnt protect against spyware, but thats what you have an antispyware for.

If it included everything in the free version, no one would buy the full. If you use common sense, you most likely won’t need an E-mail scanner, as the infected E-mails often are from someone you don’t know.
Actually, I’ve heard AVG got more problem with FP’s than Avira, but I might be wrong?
Anyways, I haven’t got a single FP with Avira, and I’m running it with high heuristic, and it’s most likely people using high heuristic that gets all the FP’s.
Anyways, you shouldn’t care too much about the website’s award, instead you should look at the user ratings. You can easily bribe the website, but you can’t bribe 1000s of people that easy.


I still do not understand why email scanning is so important…If you execute something bad known by your av from an email attachment you should be alerted anyway. So I see this email scanning just a hype feature. I mean avira free scans files on both reading and writing. One of these actions will happen while opening an email or composing one.
Correct me if I am wrong but I don’t feel it that necessary to have email scanning, especially that I don’t think that every people is using they email account thru a client.

As Rag said, E mail scanning isnt so important. Its nice but not so important. I do use through a client, so I enjoy the email scanning, saves me problems. I can do with out it as well. Correct me if im wrong also, some antiviruses scan some online services as well.

I know Gmail scans my email, then I think my NOD 32 scans as well, using the IMON.

Yeah, and Hotmal/Live Mail uses Trend Micro. It’s only if you’re using Outlook or Thunderbird it might be useful, tho on-access/real-time will warn you before the virus is executed, like mentioned before in this topic.


Yes in my outlook, the EMON takes over in scanning inbound and outbound email. I noticed in my gmail, NOD 32 does scan the email. It scans scripts and stuff, and if I saw correctly it said the name of the mail I was reading (it all passes so fast :wink: )