CAVS and Vista x64

Hi, just a couple of days ago I got a new computer and installed Windows Vista Ultimate x64. I’ve been a user of your software on my previous computer (running Windows XP Prof x86) including CAVS, CFP, and CMF. I downloaded 64-bit copies of CFP and CMF but was unable to find a 64-bit version of CAVS. When can a 64-bit version be expected? I’m in need of an AV solution and would really like to use CAVS but can’t at the moment so I would appreciate knowing when 64-bit compatibility would be available so I can decide whether to install another AV solution in the meantime or just wait it out.

Thanks for the help.

Comodo haven’t released a definitive timeline for the release of a Vista compliant version of CAVS as yet. CAVS 3 is under development and, if it follows the CFP V3 development pattern, I would expect to see a 32 bit XP and Vista version first, followed shortly by 64 bit versions for XP and Vista.

When is the question.

Ewen :slight_smile:

i just got vista home premium 64bit myself and was a user of CAVS before the upgrade and since the last post was in FEB i thought i would just restate the question. WHEN???

We are expecting a new release in a few weeks, CAVS 3 will arrive. Although I don’t know which platforms it’ll work on from the start. We’ll have to wait and see…


id pretty much expect the cavs3 beta to be 32 bit only, at least for a start. But i have heard that v3 wont be beta very long.

After waiting for 2-3 years for v3… define “long”… lol

Coming to a computer near you soon CAVS V3 {full supporting cast including Vista 64bit support}


I hope sooner rather than later i don’t want to rely solely on windows defender to protect my PC (R)

CAVS 3 will support 64bit versions too :wink:


:THNK It’s may 27th now and still no CAVS 3 this is taking to long!!!
I’m currently using Trend Micro’s free Antivirus and its not vary useful!!! (:AGY)
Please hurry!


It’ll be here in June. :wink:


Is this the official date or just a guess?

Something in between, according Melih they have scheduled a full release by the end of June. I think I read somewhere that all versions (Vista, X64 etc) are included.;msg161200#msg161200;msg163068#msg163068


June 26th and still no CAVS!!!
Give me an alpha a beta or just a baseball bat the NOD32 trial is killing me!!!

Hey Vista64 if you’re getting sick of Nod32 trials you can download a different free anti virus such as Avast! 4.8 or AVG or even Avira

Avast! 4.8 can be downloaded here: Download Free Antivirus Software | Avast 2023 PC Protection

AVG can be downloaded here:

Avira can be downloaded here:

*not trying to steal spotlight from CAVS O0 *

Ive already tried those AVs (well AVG & Avast) and there just as bad!
on XP i used CAVS 2 beta and loved it! But it wont work on vista!!!

my XP pro disc went bad so im stuck on Vista 64bit.

Sorry to hear that. I think you can still find legal copies of XP to buy around the internet. Not sure of where exactly, but if you have the spare cash it might be an idea. I’m doing it as soon as I can work up the will to spend some money on Microsoft before all those discs are gone.

In any case, you’ll have it soon (i hope)


Its not that i want to go back to XP its that i want CAVS 3 sooner rather than later you know for VISTA 64bit

Gotcha, sorry for the misunderstanding. When you mentioned that your XP Pro went bad I thought maybe you wanted to go back to it for some reason. My mistake.


Yay!!! Its the end of june, Yippeeeee!! Where can I get it? (L)