CAVS and Tor


I’m using CAVS and CFP for about a half year now, and I’ve never had any problems with it, but now I’m trying to use Tor, but CAVS blocks it completely, and I can’t make it work. I can’t even close it (I have to do close it by the task manager)! I’ve tried to mark it as safe app, put it into HIPS excluded files, turn HIPS off and even close CAVS, but nothing seems to work.
This is not a computer issue, I’ve tried it on my friend’s computer (Who uses CAVS too) and it didn’t work either, but on another computer, without CAVS, it worked just fine. I’ve even formatted my computer, and it worked before installing CAVS.

Anyone can help me out? Thanks in advance.

Hi Delirium

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Have you tried putting Tor in the exclusion list in CAVS? This often will solve a problem like this. Let us know if it helps or if you need more help with this.


Hello, JJasper. Thanks for the welcomes.

Yes, I’ve tried it, in fact this was one of the very first things I tried.

Thanks for answering and the help.

Hi Delirium

If you have the HIPS turned on for CAVS as well as for CFP, turn off the HIPS for CAVS and give it a try. Sometimes two HIPS running together cause a conflict and can give you all kinds of wierd results.

Let us know if that helps at all


Hi JJasper.

Sorry taking so long to reply, I’ve been very busy lately. I don’t know why, but it crashes even without no HIPS on (both CAVS and CFP). I’ve tried to open it only with the CFP HIPS on, and only with the CAVS HIPS on. Anyway, because of my urge for using Tor, I’ve managed to open Tor with a different method, wich don’t uses the Vidalia software. I believe it’s this app that’s making Tor crash. I’ve send it to Comodo analysis already, let’s see if there’s something wrong with it.

Thanks for your help so far, JJasper.

I assume youre using the CAVS 2 beta? Ive read some posts in these forums suggesting people use other, more stable anti virus software. I personally havent tried CAVS 2 beta. You might want to wait unitl CAVS 3 is out.

See you in the onion.

… of course, you wont know it.

I’d love to use another anti virus, but after comparing CAVS heuristics with other free solutions, I don’t trust enough in other softwares… But yes, I’ll be waiting for CAVS 3 to see if this issues got fixed.

See ya ;D

That’s what Comodo is all about mate. Creating Trust Online. You can expect CAVS 3 to be superior! :slight_smile: