CAVS and system resource issues

Recently I’ve been seeing a serious drain on my system, with 100% of my CPU going to the SYSTEM process.
I’m still unclear about why this is happening, but after looking through the handles I found over 250 CAVS handles running. I tried shutting down CAVS but the system handles stayed. After removing all of them by hand the system opened up and ran fine, long enough the finish an update to Adobe Acrobat witch is when the problem started.

Intel Celeron 2.93 or 3.0 as billed
1 Gig DDR2
XP Pro SP3 v.3300

Up to date


CAVS 2 is BETa & all development has stopped on it. CAVS 3 is expected end off June, & we will launch a BETa then shortly after a FINAL.

Wait for the next release :slight_smile: