CAVS and Switch User

I tried CAVS 2 on my parents’ PC and found it wasn’t really suitable for them. They don’t understand the difference between “Switch User” and “Log Off”, so they always use Switch User because it’s a closer description of what they want to do. But CAVS pops up an error message saying it can’t be run by more than one user at a time. Will this restriction be lifted in CAVS 3?

Only Comodo staff have the answer, let’s see if they reply. Waiting for that, my guess is that CAVS 3 will support more than one user. This works for CPF 2.4, for CFP 3.0, and it works for other antiviruses (I’ve tried avast! and Avira).


Yeah, I need CAVS to support this feature soon. It has been almost a year since I started using Comodo Products, and for the most part, I must say they are excellent. However, this issue with the Antivirus not working correctly with a “switched user”, leaves me trying to figure out how to change the buttone of “switch user” in windows xp to actually doing a “log out”. This might not be the best solution, but it is a viable solution.

  1. Click on Start
  2. Click on Control Panel
  3. Double-click on User Accounts
  4. Click on “Change the way users log on or off”
  5. Right hand side deselect the option “Use Fast Switching”

By doing this, fast switching on accounts will be disabled and Comodo Antivirus will automatically work.

However, if you are used to running applications on one account and dont want them to shut off automatically this might not be the best option for you, as doing a “log off” means closing all applications in the user account.