CAVS and firefox

Hello there,
has anyone of you tried CAVS with firefox?
I tried it and found that even with on demand scan enabled,it does not scan firefox downloads.
Please try it and let me know.

I have tried downloading the Eicar test file and CAVS detected and quarantined the file.


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I have tried downloading the Eicar test file and CAVS detected and quarantined the file.


It detects the file only when you open it not when downloading it.
Try the zip elcar file from EICAR Test Virus

I think this may be system-specific. It doesn’t automatically scan the downloads for me, either (but I use a download scanner plugin for FF, so that’s not an issue, as that calls the AV scan), but other users report that it does.


It did work for me on Firefox 2 on Windows XP. Now I have to wait until v3 comes out to see if it works on Vista, though. I’m FIREWALLLESS.

little mac where can i get that plugin for ff?

From Mozilla’s FF Extension/Add-On site: I think it’s probably in Security of Download section. There are different ones; the one I use is SafeDownload; it allows you to choose the scanner you want to use (some of them are specific to one AV).


Thank you all.Your advice were very helpful to me.
I’ll try it again and see the results.
Ok thanks

(L) If you right click on your download, you can choose what you want to scan with.

I have tried many things but CAVS does not automatically scan firefox downloads but it works well with IE.
Perhaps the future version will support firefox.

solar beamm,

If you’re using SafeDownload, you may want to try entering command line instructions/parameters into the “arguments”. Command line info can be found here:,6013.msg46550.html#msg46550


Hello lm,
I have inserted CAVSCONS.exe in the argument field and Comodo Antivirus in the select virus scanner.
I have checked the box scan each file after it’s downloaded.
I am using safedownload, Have I configured it properly?
Hoping to hear from you soon.
Thank you for your help

solar beamm,

The correct arrangement would be cavscons.exe in the field for the scanner, and parameters in the argument field (such as to create a report to refer back to). You’ll see a DOS screen as it scans the download.

I’ll play with it a bit and see what I can come up with as well.


Hello LM,
thank you for your concern.
I now do see a DOS screen when I download a file but the screen disappear in 2 seconds before I can read it.
But how would I know if I downloaded a virus?
Thanking you again
hope to hear from u soon.

Yeah, the DOS screen doesn’t stick around, that’s for sure…

Looks like to use in that way, you need to use the command line parameters (arguments) to create a report. If we want to put it in your “My Documents” folder, it would look something like this:

/r=c:\documents and settings"your name"\downloadreport.txt

You can name the report whatever you want; just make sure the file extension is .txt
Since you’ll have to type the file path in, you want to make sure that “your name” matches exactly the folder in question (but I don’t think you need to capitalize any letters).


Hello LM, I am having troubles with the parameters.
I inserted /r=c:\documents and settings\downloadreport.txt in the field and then created the folder downloadreport.txt in documents and settings.
However I am still not getting the report.

You know I think it is a bit too complicated this system.It would be better to wait until the comodo team fix this problem.

Nevertheless thanks for your help.

Even if I succeeded in getting the report,still the file would not be disinfected or quarantined.

I’ve highlighted a couple items for clarification…

The first, I presume you’ve put two slashes to indicate that your user profile name would go there. But I want to make sure that you haven’t typed it in the arguments field just like it is here.

The second, you don’t need to create a folder. The command line parameter(argument) will create the text file all on its own.

We can try a simpler argument, without the complicated filepath, something like:

That’s all you need to type. If you want to add disinfection to the equation, it should look like:
/D /R=c:\downloadreport.txt

And although Ewen didn’t mention it in his post, I bet /Q would be the switch for quarantining the file if contagious. You could add that and test it with an EICAR file.

You’re right it would be easier if you could just select the executable and everything went on auto from there. Hopefully the dev team will look into what’s causing the issues.

Even if the scanner didn’t disinfect or quarantine the virus, you would at least know about it before you executed the download. Then you could do an on-demand scan to quarantine, etc.



It looks like CAVS scanner is failing to initialise. After setting up safedownload to scan with CAVS and A-squared I got a glimpse of one of the DOS screens which stated CAVS scanner failed to initialise.

The DOS screen goes off too quick with just CAVs added to safedownload so I can’t see if the same is happening.


Ok, I have a shot of the dos screen (attached).

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hello it logged the results with the short simple argument but it is not working with the my documents argument.
Further from the log I can read that CAVS scan error.