CAVS and BoClean

I’ve been using BoClean for a while and I’m quite pleased with it; it’s unobtrusive and it seems effective because it instantly alerted me when I tried to open an infected zip. But I can’t work out the difference between BoClean and CAVS. BoClean says it’s “full spectrum” protection, so doesn’t that mean it protects against viruses as well as spyware? If so, why is there a separate AV product? Are they supposed to be run together without getting in each other’s way?

It’s a bit of a moot point on my Vista 64 PC though, because support isn’t expected until CAVS v3 and even v2 is still in beta :(.

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The best thing I can do is to point you at a post from Kevin :

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I’ve yet to find a free AV that does a good job of stopping files getting infected, so I’m going to carry on using BoClean and look forward to CAVS being available for Vista 64.

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I strongly recommend you to install an AV right now, and not to wait !

Good free AV’s are :

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OK, I’m giving AntiVir a try.

There are differences between BOClean and CAVS like Rednose refers to. Also, a reason why they both cover similar threats, is that Comodo bought BOClean last year whilst they already had CAVS (in the same version - 2.0 - as today). In other words, Comodo already had CAVS, then they bought BOClean which was developed by another company.

BTW AntiVir is what I also would recommend currently, or as an alternative, avast! Antivirus. :-TU


BTW… CAV 3 will incorporate BOClean Signatures.