CAVS 3 Windows 2000 Compatibility

Will CAVS still be compatible with windows 2000? Since the firewall isn’t supporting windows 2k anymore, I figured that CAVS might be the same, which would mean no more CAVS for me :frowning:

the developers say they dun support 2k machine. However, there r users reporting that cpf, cavs stil can run under 2k environment. u can try or just upgrade ur OS :slight_smile: sounds painful…

welll…cavs 2 does support 2k sp4. They say so themselves on the main site. cpf v3 won’t support 2k, so us 2k users have to use cpf 2.4

Why on earth do you want to stick to 2000 (:NRD)

That’s like asking why on earth do we still have people sticking with ZoneAlarm (:NRD)

Everyone has their own preferences, and some may not be able to afford upgrading.

Why on earth these stupid questions? :-\

Perhaps guy does not know that XP is good part based on Win2K engine and that Vista for now is an useless operating system.

not really, at least my friend could enjoy Vista’s nice interface (ye he liked it) 1 month before going back to XP :slight_smile:

Oh yes … a good interface is indispensable in an operating system … while the safety and software availability is negligible… 88)

1 month before going back to XP :)

Wisdom of choice! :smiley: :wink:

Running Windows Vista Ultimate on this machine, difficult to update the drivers to stop the BSOD’s with all the BSOD’s I was getting :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m dual booting with XP Pro so I still have compatibility with all programs, it’s too early to leave good ol’ XP behind :wink:

I can imagine what martyrdom :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm dual booting with XP Pro so I still have compatibility with all programs, it's too early to leave good ol' XP behind ;)

I think that it is the better thing to do until Microsoft will put to point the novelty O.S.

However I would call it “Vista Beta” more appropriately… :stuck_out_tongue:

No far more stable then the beta, after I got the right drivers lol. Although copying files is slow…


Captain, our ship is a little swayed out of course with the-now matter of other OS’s. She can’t take much more (:NRD)

Is Vista too slow copying files? LOL

Instead go ahead better we return back to Windows 3. X !! LOL

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I’ve been on about Windows 2000 support as well. We have a lot of Windows 2000 machines that are tasked with just a specific duty. They work so don’t need the OS upgrading, which would also work out horrendously expensive. These machines will eventually be phased out but still have an expected life span of 2+ years, yet may do on for much longer.

There are other alternatives that work with win2k. If you’re expecting a free one for business though, the only option is Pctools antivirus.

Licences are the key, hence the reason for Comodo. I will look at Pctools though.

The Win 2000 machine are using in schools and colleges BTW, for video conferencing.

I guess the question is:

How many people want Windows 2000 for CIS/CAV 3?


I can think of at least 100-200!

A lot of small businesses still use Windows 2000. I have seen some build up their old machines and use them as file servers. It would be cool if this 3 version supported Win2k. Heck even Windows 98/ME support would be cool, but definitely Win2k support.

Horarh. Someone help Comodo see the light of day.

I really do think your missing a large section of you core market. Win 2000 may not provide the most fucntional desktop, but as a slim, simple and effective OS for single tasks - it is ideal.

The Comodo firewall version 2 for Windows 2000 is more than adequate, but the beta release of CAV needs to be updated an CAV 3 should be allowed to install on Win 2000.