CAVS 3 [Merged threads]


I know Comodo Firewall 3 final to be released next monday or something, So will CAVS 3 final also be out at the same time or shortly after?

I hear from Melih CAVS v3 is going to be very good…

I wana replace my AVG :slight_smile:



hi Josh

shortly after the firewall launch we will get CAV 3 out too…


Thanks =) Very excited! (B)

It’s been a while since i’ve visited the forum and it looks like i’ve got a lot of catching up to do! what with thie imminent release of the final firewall and CAV V3. It’s like waiting for the number 3 bus…you wait for ages and then two turn up!! ;D

thanks melih
those are great news :wink:

i’m looking forward to try cavs out

This is great news!!

It truly made my day!

Harry (:NRD)


Comodo Firewall Pro 3 has been released today, and I am wondering when CAVS V3 is out?

and is this going to be the FINAL VERSION of V3 or an Alpha like what happened with Comodo Firewall 3…

(Which went for almost 6 months from Alpha to final) :slight_smile:


There is a chance that we will get this info soon, I’ve already requested it since many ask these kinds of questions. :wink:


Now we can get a working anti-virus program to go with the firewall and then all bases are covered. Current Anti-virus alows virus to get in system. PCTOOLS AV and comodo Firewall does a excelllent job of stoping all things bad , but would like to run only Comodo products.

Umm, can they come up for air first? :wink:

Or a fortnight’s holiday in the sun? (:KWL) (:KWL) (:KWL)

I did not say tomorrow , I said now it’s time to get the AV up to date.

Chill, there is a totally separate develoment team for the antvirus and they are working on V3 even as we speak. I don’t know the timetable, but look forward to it’s release to BETA testing.

Ewen :slight_smile:

:BNC That’s great news, thank you, Ewen, I’m really fed up with Avira and I miss my CAVS (I’ve switched to Vista recently).

indeed… also waiting for a reliable AV for Vista… currently running Avast… but always liked CAVS while I was running XP :slight_smile:


I merged two identical topics here.

We are all hoping and waiting for CAVS 3, just imagine - integration of BOClean and using the HIPS of CFP 3… this will form a suite-like protection system with amazing strengths, I think!

But let’s give it the time it needs, we don’t want any completely unstable beta, do we. :wink:


Patience is a virtue :). (V)

Yes I have comodo firewall works great great product but I try to install anti virus and it says it is not compatible with vista why is one and not the other and r there possible drivers for it I like the firwall would luv to try out the anti virus ?? If n e 1 could help that would be great plz and ty :smiley:

Hi & welcome.

As you’ve discovered, CAVS is not Vista ready. There’s nothing you can do about that. It is not related to or affected by the fact that Comodo Firewall supports Vista. We will have to wait for the next version. :wink:


How soon after the firewall release will it be out cause i want to replace avg too and iam impatient like curry and milk in a fat guy’s stomach. (M)