CAVS 2 Beta (For Those Having Problems) [INFO]

Hi Guys,

Alot off people are having problems with CAVS 2 Beta, and most off our replies are basically “Wait for CAVS 3”.

CAVS 3 (First it will be a short Beta then final) Is due out hopefully by the end off July. Alot off enhancements have been made (Less Memory usage, STRONG MORE EFFECTIVE Virus engine, and alot more improvements). There are researchers all over the world (India, UK, US, Ukraine, China) building the AV database, So EVERYONE is working on Comodo Internet Security & CAVS 3 (CIS will include CFP 3 & CAVS 3)

CAVS 2 Development has come to a STOP. There are very good guys working on CAVS 3, & the Team continues to grow with MORE good guys.

If you are having problems with CAVS 2 Beta, Please uninstall it & use an good alternative AV:
NOD32 AntiVirus (30-Day Trial, Enough days for CAVS 3).
AntiVir Personal
Avast! Home Edition.

Like I said, No more bugs will be fixed for CAVS 2. CAVS 3 is just around the corner, and promises to be excellent. Please be patient :slight_smile:

Thanks for supporting CAVS!


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