CAVS 2.0: Is BoClean needed anymore?

CAVS means Comodo Anti-ViruSpyware. Okay, so does that mean that I need BoClean running anymore? Does the HIPS and spyware features of CAVS 2.0 eliminate also having to run BoClean? Or is BoClean still needed because perhaps it better detects rootkits and trojans?

I’m looking at how I can consolidate security functions by reducing how many security productst that I have to load and also have to manage. Security is nice but not when it overshadows the usability of the host.

(:WAV)hi, nice topic, novice here.
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i’ve heard the next CAVS BETA (CAVS 3) will be integrated with CBOclean, so right now,i think we still need CBOclean as an extra layer of protection.

i couldn’t agree more.
i’m currently using CAVS,CFP,CBOclean, and superantispyware with no probs.

can we really consolidate security functions and reduce usage of too many security softwares? as far as i know, the only “one for all” security software has a special name ====>BLOATWARE ;D

BOClean includes many malware signatures that CAVS hasn’t picked up yet, because BOClean has been out there for quite a while now. So at this point it is recommended that you use both for maximum protection. For less impact on resources, you may want to consider switching antivirus to avast or Avira (can’t believe that I wrote this, I’m a Comodo moderator!!). Anyway, ganda is right about the next version. I think it will include an integrated version of BOClean (I’m not 100% sure though that they’ll make it in the first 3.0 beta, but let’s hope). It will probably also use less RAM.


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So far, I’ve been trialing CAVS 2.0 beta in a VM under VMware Server so I could review the features and operation of this product. Currently I am using AVG 7 for anti-virus protection on my host. AntiVir caused too much impact on responsiveness of my host. Avira (free version) is too much nagware with its popup windows on updates trying to get you to buy their product (I have to use a different HIPS program, like System Safety Monitor, to block their avnotify.exe from loading) and which interferes with fullscreen apps, plus their current download will expire after a 3-month trial afterwhich no more sig updates but I’m not interested in fully functional trial versions. For now I’m sticking with AVG but have an interest of switching to CAVS but not sure now is the right time.

I’m using BoClean with AVG. If I went to CAVS, it seems that it should’ve by now incorporated the signature database of BoClean (although maybe it doesn’t yet incorporate the detection or protection mechanisms of BoClean).

I was hoping in reading posts here for awhile that CAVS 2.0 would’ve been out of beta status by now and 3.0 beta would be coming out this month. Guess I’ll have to wait some more.

yeah but it’s worth waiting for. i don’t know bout the av comparative, but i’ve been using CAVS for about 2 months (i used symantec before), so far so good. and about the virus signature, i think AVG got more of it coz AVG had & keep all the outdated virus sigs. beside, i think virus signatures only can’t really protect our computer. with so many undetected local viruses & ofcourse the so called “zero day attack” makes using virus sigs based AV like using a shield with holes on it (i’m sure i’ve read it somewhere ;D ).CAVS with it’s HIPS is the solution (for me).

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I think it has been in 2.0 beta for a longer time than most people thought. On the other hand, for many people it seems to be a stable beta. And I think we can expect something new before this year has come to an end. :wink: Until that, 2.0 beta will continue to rapidly increase the number of signatures, HIPS will always be there and BOClean will be a great extra layer.