CAVS is a memory hog and...

Just installed CAVS on my XP Pro+SP2+all updates system. Whoa! it is using 61.532MB of memory! And then the next thing is, it does not recognize CFP3 as a safe application! (so is Defense+ does not recognize CAVS as a Comodo product and asked a lot of question. I remember reading somewhere in this forum that CAVS should detect the presence of CFP3 and turn off its HIPS if found… but it’s not happening… So should I turn of CAVS’s HIPS or not??

The current CAVS is a beta product - it is to be replaced by CAVS 3 which is currently in development: it is CAVS 3 that is going to work seamlessly with CFP3. If you want to use the current CAVS2 beta with CFP3 then you must definitely turn off the HIPS in CAVS.


next version CAVS3 due out shortly (fingers crossed this month)… is way down in resource usage and faster!


Great to hear, can’t wait ;D

I am here waiting! I am here waiting! (don’t mean to rush but, phew… really have been waiting and looking forward to…)

yes me too! :frowning:


What that saying “Things that wait come to those that good”

An i`ve been very good ;D


CAVS3 resource usage and faster… that sound great!! but will the detection rate be higher than it is i think the last i seen any test on CAVS was from SS??? it was like 75% but there is other factors to be taken in on that kind of testing. where does comodo stand or expect the detection rate to be at.

our detection rate will be much improved.


PLEEEEEEEEEZ continue Win 2K support! I HATE XP – PRO, SP1, SP2, SP3. And Vista causes psycho-neurotic behavior. 2003 causes contageous warts!


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