CAVS & CFP v3 Alpha = BSOD


Just to make sure you are aware, the combination of CAVS (with On-Access enabled - but not HIPS) and CFP v3 Alpha create BSOD, as per attached minidump.

I’ve reported in v3 thread, but wanted to let you know as well. It has been confirmed by another user/glutton for punishment using two testing products on the same machine…

This did not occur with the first release of v3 Alpha (XP 32bit).


[attachment deleted by admin]

That must be me (:WAV). I can confirm this problem between Comodo’s beta/alpha products (:AGY) (only joking (:HUG) ). Unfortunately, I’ve had to drop back to CFP2 (being a work’s laptop and too scared to try another alpha (:LGH) ). Hope this problem gets fixed soon.


Little Mac

I’ll let you install the next alpha first (:TNG).


Indeed. (:WIN)

I have no problems since I disabled the On-Access driver. Well, except that On-Access scanner no longer works, and I get an error message every startup… It cannot even be started manually (which was how I set the driver, to Manual rather than Automatic). It did stop the BSODs, though…


I can open your zip file but i can´t read the opened file.


You actually want to open my dump file? ??? Requires the right tools; the development team will have those. :wink:


I understand you mean i can´t understand your dump file!


(:WIN) (:WIN) (:WIN)

You can’t? Heh! I can’t either, LOL. My hope is they can! ;D


…but I think they haven’t downloaded yet, as it has been downloaded two times - one obviously by Andreas, and one by me. :wink: I don’t know how to open it. I just wanted to find out what “BSOD” was, but then I googled and now I know… Hope your screen won’t die again LM :wink:


Hey, BSODs are a “fact” of software-testing. If you can’t stand the BSOD’s stay off the computer… LOL

Besides, I used to use Windows 98. With that, the slogan is “A BSOD a day keeps Windows away…” ;D

Where these things get frustrating is if you don’t have system recovery set to not reboot when you get a BSOD; at that point, it will go into a constant loop of BSOD, reboot, BSOD, reboot. If that happens, hopefully a quick hop into SafeMode will take care of it; but not always. So the computer is set not to reboot. Then I get the screen saying what went wrong; it’s helpful to know, as that gives some idea what to disable (in this case, CAVASM).


My screen wasn´t die??!!
My screen isn´t die??!!
And i hope my screen will not die??!!

;D ;D ;D


When will Problem fixed? Same Problem with CAVS …