CAVS CAVSubmit.exe

After the initial installation, the CAVSubmit feature has done nothing. With every HIPS popup, I’ve selected to send to Comodo for analysis, so that it can be added to the global safelist. There should be at least a dozen files to submit, but the submission queue is empty…

I have Automatic Submission deselected, as I want to know when it’s sending so I can monitor resources. With CAVS (as previously noted by users) CAVSubmit.exe would run, and prompt to submit, even if the queue was empty.

With CAVS, it doesn’t seem to run at all. Can we find a middle ground? :slight_smile:


I too have automatic submission deselected and so far I have had no problems - every file I have selected to send for submission has appeared in the queue and been successfully sent.


Maybe my mind is defective… ;D Let me run some unknown apps so as to cause more popups…