CAVL without GUI


Is it possible to run Comodo Antivirus completely in command line without any GUI?
The reason is, because I’m trying to update Comodo with /opt/COMODO/cavupdater, but it fails with the error message “can not connect to X server”.
Then I have another question, too. Is there a possibility to configure Comodo Antivirus with some config-files, or am I only able to configure it with its GUI?

It would be great to get a solution!

Hi mate,
i am looking for answers too. Did you already find a soultion?


Sorry, but till now i didn’t find any solution.
I think it isn’t possible to solve our problem…

There is only this:

… no command line solution! :-\

Why? ???

Anyone? Maybe: FTP database resources for manual action?


Any news about it?

I have just been googling for an hour and found no way how to update virus database from the command line without X.

I can hardly believe it’s not possible.


rm -rf /opt/Comodo

bye :slight_smile: