CAVL settings question ?


Is it possible to set the quarantine folder path?

Can I set that all infected files are not deleted but forwarded (isolated) to quarantine folder?

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CAVL does not delete files detected to be containing malware, but moves them to quarantine, either manually or automatically, see Scanner Settings > Real Time Scanning.

Thanks a lot JoWa for these informations :slight_smile:

Do you know if there is a size limit for files moved to quarantine folder?
Will I be able to recover quarantine files if I need?

Another question, if possible, do you know how Comodo manages compressed infected files:

  • it moves the full container to quarantine?
  • it extracts and moves infected files only?

I read on another Ubuntu Web site that CALV is free of charge, it’s true?
In my case is for personal use at home.

Can I install and set CAVL without a GUI, under text mode?


The only size limit I know of is the one you set in the scanner settings.

You can recover quarantined files, see Quarantined Items

If CAVL works like CIS, it moves the entire archive to quarantine. Note that you can enable/disable scanning of archives, and that the real-time scanner does not scan archives.

Yes, CAVL is free of charge.

I have no information on installing CAVL without a GUI. The help does not cover that type of installation, so I guess the answer is no.

Now the bad news. CAVL has not been updated in a year and is not fully compatible with most current Linux-distributions and -kernels.

If you use ubuntu 12.04 LTS then CAVL is still OK with 12.04.1 and 12.04.2 (just - you get warnings during installation, but it works). That’s provided you haven’t updgraded the kernel beyond 3.5.

So you may be able to keep CAVL going till 2017 (if Comodo keep updating the virus database for it).

It may well work as an on-demand scanner with later kernels (ie without the redirect drivers that are the problem with kernels >3.5 and are need for on-access scanning).