CAVL: cavscan does not recognize virus which cmdscan does recognize


I am testing Comodo Antivirus for Linux on Debian (Debian 6 “Squeeze” and Debian 7 “Wheezy”).

When I scan a certain file (called “Forderung 20.10.2014 - Beauftragter Rechtsanwalt Ebay”) with “cmdscan” - the command line virus scanner -, it detects a virus:

$ /opt/COMODO/cmdscan -s /tmp/Forderung\ 20.10.2014\ -\ Beauftragter\ Rechtsanwalt\ Ebay\
Number of Scanned Files: 1
Number of Found Viruses: 1

But if I scan the file with “cavscan” - the GUI version - no virus is detected (s. attached screenshot). In the same manner, the on-access scanner does not seem to find it (no CAVL warning dialog is displayed if I open the file with different programs). Yet cavscan and the on-access scanner seem to work in general, which I have tested with an eicar test file.

This behaviour is not as expected for me and I would like to know whether this is a bug or if there is a reason for this behaviour.
If it is a bug: Is it going to be fixed?

Is there any way I can provide the relevant virus file? (I suppose uploading viruses here is not desired…)
Without this file, the whole post is probably useless…

I would love to get feedback on this issue.
Thank you very much in advance!


[attachment deleted by admin]

Info on the file: Other virus scanners on categorize it as " Trojan.GenericKD.1933997 ".