CAVL! any plans for a newer version and FW integration

I wonder if an update is planned for near future. Also I wish they can add a FireWall in it as well.


I too would like to see a firewall added to CAVL in the near future. However, as CAVL only detects windows threats, I no longer have CAVL installed on my Ubuntu boxes.


Linux-rootkit detected. :slight_smile: VirusTotal

So CAVL does detect Linux/Unix threats then? I’m sure one of the developers told me that only windows viruses were detected (so they weren’t passed onto windows machines).


Yes, I remember that too, but things change. :slight_smile: I don’t know more about that, though. :wink:

It would be perfect to have Comodo Firewall for Linux, I used it on Windows 7 before I switched to Linux.