cavAUD.EXE chewing up processor

I play World of Warcraft, and I keep getting the game frozen, when I alt-tab out, and go to Task Manager, I find that cavAUD.exe is chewing up 100% of my CPU.

I’ve turned Automatic Updates to notify me first, and still get this. I’m running 2.0.11 of the CAV beta…

I can’t deal with this much longer, I’ll have to rip out the CAV at this rate…

There is a updates available. Can you please run Manual updater and get this updates. Dowloading of updates may be slow as it dowloads big file. So pls let it run to complete the updates.
After this updates, check if automatic updater high CPU is fixed or not.


I ran the manual updater, all I got were database updates:

Comodo AntiVirus - Version Information Report =============================================

Product Information
======= ===========
Build Version :
DataBase Version :
AllowDB Version :
Program Updates Version :

License Information
======= ===========
License Status : Activated
Product Installation Date: 07-Apr-2007
Product Activation Date : 08-Sep-2006

Program Files Information
======= ===== ===========
CMain.exe :
CavApp.exe :
CavSn.exe :
CavAud.exe :
CavMud.exe :
Cavasm.exe :
CavEmSrv.exe :
CAVSubmit.exe :
cavengine.dll :

Operating System Information
========= ====== ===========
Operating System : Windows XP
Operating System Version : 05.01.2600
Service Pack : Service Pack 2
Internet Explorer Version : 7.0.5730.11

Hardware Information
======== ===========
Central Processing Unit (CPU) : AMD Athlon™ XP 2500+
Available Memory : 532MB
Total Memory : 1022MB