cavasm.exe [Resolved]

i ran a tuneup program and it is telling me that the above program is using a large share of available memory,can ayone tell me what to do about it please?
Thank you.

Hi and welcome,

If you are using beta 1.1 you may want to try beta 2 available in the beta corner of the CAVS area. This has reduced memory useage and better performance among some other features, such as HIPS.

Remember though, this is also a Beta program as 1.1 is and is still being improved constantly by the developers.


thank you but i dont know where to look for the beta corner of the cavs area?

You can download the beta 2 version here:


You can find the beta corner here:,61.0.html

Newer versions will be posted here up until its stable release.


hello Mike when i click on the link i keep getting this msg:-This site is currently undergoing scheduled maintenance. Please bear with us, we will be back shortly ?
thank you.


There are currently some issues. Please check your PM for the setup file.