CAV003 On Access Scanner failed to start - CAV version

Just installed (5-31-2008) newest CAV beta version on Win XP SP2 along with CFP and MalWare installed ok prior to installing AV. After install CAV 2, restart gives error: CAV003 On Access Scanner failed to start.
Tried to enable scanner but no go. How important is this? Can I be safe with the rest of the CAV 2 active and the Comodo Firewall and Malware up and running until CAV 3 comes out?

Should I use Windows Add/Remove and retry install? Read where others have had problems with uninstall of CAV beta version.

Thanks for any insight and help…

Use Avast! for now :slight_smile: I strongly recommend it to you.


Thanks for the reply Josh,

Have you used CAV? Also, do you know how to uninstall CAV?
I had planned on using Avast but then I saw that Comodo had all these related programs that I had hoped they would integrate better thinking that using Comodo Firewall and Avast AV might conflict.

Appreciate your advise.

No I haven’t used CAV. It isn’t a good AV to be honest, & it’s the truth. However, CAVS 3 development has been going on for some time, more good people have joined the Anti-Virus Team, I plan on uninstalling my Avast when CAVS 3 out.

Btw… CAVS 3 will be first a quick beta, then a final version.

Can you trying removing CAVS 3 in Start>All Programs ?