CAV003 error on installation on drive d:


And right, this is about the latest beta.

I was searching long on this forum but nobody mention that on this CAV003 error.

When I install on c: drive everything works OK.

If I try to install on d: drive d:\Program files\Comodo\Comodo I get this error CAV003 (accces scaner) and also searching for safe list not working. (Error: makeUPSDbProc)

When installing default on c:\Program files… all is working.

So it is known issue or I did find where the problem wit CAV003 is?

By the way I have Athlon64 but on c: is working so that is not the problem I assume?

Also first time I install with error I did uninstall with the option checked for delete quarantine objects and it deleted big part of widows with that. So I had this hal.dll isue etc. and was time for fresh windows xp install.

Now I did uninstall and install on fresh system with only great CPF together (and by this testing I did uninstall without checking this deletion of quarantine so no problems)

Should there be some warning about it? I meant by uninstallation?

Greetings and excuse me my english.



Sorry no one has responded; apparently your post slipped thru the proverbial “cracks” and was overlooked.

Are you still waiting for an answer on this, or have you resolved it already?


Yes please “Little Max” I would love to have a input here… have the same problem. Have 2 Windows installed; 1 in C:\ and the second on D:\
When I install it on the first one (C) it works perfectly but when I try the installation on D it comes with this error yes… “CAV003 Unable to start the…”

Well, julio66, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it seems that at present, these products do not enjoy being installed anywhere but the default of c:\ drive. Thus, they misbehave when someone steps outside the comfort zone and puts it on d:\ z:, etc.


Thanx for your reply Little Mac. I guess everything get fixed with the time…

Like I wrote in another post regarding Vista installations I have to admit it is VERY strange that the newer betaversions getting further and further away for installing on specific conditions (on D:\ E:\ drives etc etc and then not at least… to be able to install and get them up and go on Windows Vista system… as long as the OLDER versions of all programs are working perfectly???

Then I refer to being able to, WITH BIG SUCCESS, install and use version 1.1 of Antivirus and also Firewall versions below 2.4… Also tricked Backup to install and this too is working VERY smoothly on Vista (tried on 3 different machines)

I am sitting with Windows Vista Ultimate and have now done BOTH of these unthinkable things;
I have installed ALL Comodo products and not only on Vista but on D:
What I did was that I went “back” some versions and it all work very good!

So… to say it again… I guess all will be solved at the end… and I guess I am the most unpatient Vista user because I couldnt live with the attitude “Vista compatible versions will come later” and know myself that good that if I install some other programs I will probably get so used to them before Comodo has Vista versions ready and would never bather to change programs again… AND THAT WE CANT LET HAPPEN RIGHT!!! :BNC

That’s very interesting. Which versions specifically do you have installed, that are working?


Antivirus; v.1.1 (Build on all of the Vista machines I tried
Firewall; On mine I have and on 2 others;

PS! As you see from the sysinfo it doesnt say Windows Vista but “unknown” but believe you me… its Vista

[attachment deleted by admin]

Thanks, julio66, that’s interesting information. I’ll make sure Comodo knows…


Julio66 thats great that you were able to get them to work, good for you :D.

However as you know, this software was not designed for Vista and is not yet considered compatible with Vista so be careful and don’t be suprised if you get compatibility issues.

Other than that, great job and thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:


He he … dont worry Justin… but thanks a LOT for show interest at all.
I apreciate that.
I HAD compatibility issues with the new versions as I said but the old versions of both AV and Firewall runs very smoothly on Vista.
Not that I think you need to be told this, but we all remember the same situation when XP was released; so much of the software they struggled to get compatible with Xp was NOT compatible but when we then used the “older” releases it all worked smoothly. Now we have Vista… so I just tried the same; found a older version and it was perfect.

I am a computer technician and with my now soon 20 years in the computer business, I can with VERY big certenty say that I wouldnt advise anyone (not even friends) to use CAV v.1.1 on Vista if there was any known compatibility issues… but there isnt any right?

I have used Vista (betatester) since april 2006 and Comodo AV v 1.1 I installed on the first “Vista-named” beta i had in august 2006 and it has been running smoothly ever since. I have 8 computers now in my daily surrounding which has now the public release of Vista and ALL with CAV installed and SUPER HAPPY with the software.

I am still sitting and testing daily software for various companies on Vista and I can tell you that NO software have been totally flawless except for Comodo Antivirus 1.1 so that is a BIG + to Comodo.

Just want to point out that my main reason for advising any Vista users to try the v.1.1 is because I really want Comodo tu succeed in their vision of becoming one of the “biggest and best” and this will NOT be too easy if they start loosing the Comodo-fans already before they have released a stable version and Vista been on the marked for a while already.
I have been a really eager Comodo-fan and wanted all my clients and friends to become a part of this GREAT oportunity (to get these FREE and anyhow GREAT quality products) that Comodo here has given us, and have been installing over 60 versions of CAV 1.1 until today and havent had one person yet who has complained. BEAT THAT!!! Imagine yourself if we all did as the Comodo programmers want; to find another security solution IN THE MEANTIME, it will be VERY certain that at least 80% of us NEVER would come back because in the hunt of a solution we probably would find a good one… and then stick to it. Thats would be a pitty no??

Believe me… I have a LOT of experience with this… with the release of Xp I was working with 3 different software developers for helping with the promotional part because they where some of the many companies that DIDNT manage to finish the development of their products until the release of Xp and to make that history short; the time that followed after the Xp release there where so many other similar software solutions which already where compatible and people who “tried” these… just stuck to them, and this is a almost HOPLESS fight to start one or two months after a Windows release and say “now we are ready to go… come back to us”.

I just say; KEEP GOING COMODO… if you ever want as your statements are; to become one of the biggest and best you really need to “keep hanging on” of you get the picture.