CAV with newest definition didn't detect EICAR "virus"

CAV with newest definition didn’t detect EICAR “virus”.


I have just downloaded the “eicar” testfile from
I updated the virus defintions before and CIS detected it.
Try again like I did and reply if CIS does not work.

It’s not detected here either.

Database version: 7785

But successfully detected by SuperAntiSpyware as EICAR “virus”… but not to CAV with High level Heuristics…

So what’s the cause of this difference results? Is it caused by my old WinXP SP2?

I think we need some clarification here. What are you trying to download, the .com, .text or zip file?
The text and .com file aren’t caught. The zip and zip2 file are caught by the AV. I have mine set for medium heur and stateful.

I was trying with the .com version, and manually scanned it afterwards to.

The ZIP files do get detected though.

I scanned .com file… but why can’t CAV get from .com and .txt file?

it’s detected here , :slight_smile:

xp sp3 32bit

It should detect the .com file, but .txt files aren’t executable. EICAR only has the .txt file so you can download it if your AV won’t let you download any of the others. After you download it, you’re supposed to change the extension from .txt to .com.

What database do you have? The .com file is detected here with DB 7785.

Edit: Typo…

mine 7787

Where are you expecting it to be detected? Notice that CIS does not have a web shield that monitors downloads.

Maybe when i scanned it manually?

and the zip files do get detected when downloaded.

Ummm… I am curious, but was their problem resolved yet…? :smiley: