CAV unable to updates

I dunno what the really problem are. Both manual and automatic update cant update the database. I’ve got direct wi-fi connection and follow setting in the guide. Got the same problem before but it only for 2 or 3 days…

I’m having the same problem with a friends computer … I installed CAV at my place on her lap top using my internet connection which is with a modem. It worked fine here. She is using an alltel wireless internet connection and she is getting the same messages about the sig and the program update as the OP.

Why does it work for me and not for her? She is running windows vista on a dell laptop. I don’t understand that … can you tell me how to correct this as well? Since it’s the same problem I didn’t want to start another thread.

Please copy and paste the CIS version number for the systems which are having the issue.

Also, please list any other security products which are currently installed on the computer.
Also list any which used to be installed, but have since been uninstalled.


Well for me I installed the lasted free CAV … I installed it early this week. I have the latest version of the free malwarebytes installed. I uninstalled an outdated McAfee program … and other program that was suppose to speed up the computer … not sure what that program was called. I uninstalled a lot of programs that were unnecessary … I can’t recall them all.
I didn’t have any problems with CAV with my internet connection … it seem that the wireless connection has something to do with it.

Please go to this page and run the removal tools for all security programs which you used to have on the computer. Be sure to run the one for McAfee, and any others on that list which seem like they may have at one time been installed. Then, restart and see if Comodo can update correctly.

I wouldn’t think the free version of MalwareBytes should be a problem.

Let me know how it goes.


I probably won’t be able to give that a try until Monday … thank you for the link too ;D. Do you have any idea why I didn’t have any problems with my internet connection after I installed CV. It preformed as it should. :-\

My friend is telling me when her computer tries to use the wireless alltel internet it freezes up and she can’t gain access. :o I’m not familiar with wireless connections at all :-[, so I don’t have a clue. Do you by any chance? ???

I’m not sure. My thought at the moment is that it could be due either to leftovers from older security applications, or from a problem with the install.

Thus, if running the removal tools doesn’t help I would advise that you follow the methods I suggest on this page in order to reinstall Comodo. Be sure not to import your old configuration or make any changes to the default configuration.

Please let me know how it goes.


I assume I got the latest CIS, 6.1.276867.2813. I dont installed any other security products since I’d installed CIS.

Did you use to have other security products installed? Even after being uninstalled it’s still possible for remnants to be on your system and interfering with CIS.

Will I have to run a program to completely remove CAV as well? :-\ Can you provide a link? Thanks in advance. :smiley:

Please follow the advice I give in this post.