CAV test without cloud/D+ (stock setting) by Biozfear14

This test was requested by a member of, to check the capacity of CAV without any support from D+ or the cloud.

details of the test


Biozfear14 has no idea how to test CIS. I saw him trying to infect PC by hitting allow in DEF+. That’s a human error.

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1.Because the defense+ had been disabled, the user was trying to infect PC by hitting allow in UAC

2.The user might want to test the paoactive defense for “heuristic scan and cloud scan” of CAV only.

If you read the OP he clearly says he wanted to test CAV by itself.

So there is no need for bashing him and saying he doesnt know how to test CIS.

Nice test, i was actually surprised CAV did this well.

I looked at other video. I didn’t ‘bash’ anyone. You would know if I did.

i would consider saying “Biozfear14 has no idea how to test CIS” bashing

Nope. Not from my point of view. Anyway my apologies if it seemed that way.

no worries

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This test was correctly done, no D+, no Cloud (as i mentionned earlier) , stock settings.

im suprised of the good behavior of CAV, i honestly expected the worst when theis test was planned. i think that CAV cannot be considered as weak as it was designated before.

Note: this test was a duel vs Avast 7 with also only its file shield & stock setting, (nothing else).

Thanks. I was also a bit skeptical on the test request initially. Nevertheless, from my understanding, the user who requested the test only wanted to prove a point: Detection Rates by CAV on it’s own and no support from other modules would not perform well. The very first request was to test Comodo only. However I decided to make it a fair comparison.

On a side note: I might make a mistake on the tests and if I do realize when I edit the video, I will assume responsibility. If I do not realize however, I would appreciate feedback.


Sorry. Yeah. I don’t have a youtube account :frowning: