CAV on Server 2003?

I have been trying to upgrade CAV on server 2003 for a few days now. Currently its running V5.8 when I try and install V5.10 it gives an error, “This installation does not support the target platform.” I was wondering why one version would work and a newer one would not install. ???

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You can circumvent this issue by going this far and letting the alert stay on screen then go to the %temp% folder there is some SFX folder there that contains the .msi installer which doesn’t have this check/restriction, copy the x64 or x86 .msi to a other folder and ack the error message.

Now start the installation from the .msi instead of the .exe and that should work fine.

Going to try that right now thank you for the response.

OK, That worked to get it installed I guess my next question is why since the software is free for commercial use is that check in the .EXE file?

Again thank you for the reply it got my project up and running. :-TU

I think it’s not a ‘supported’ setup on W2k3 the product is created/tested for desktop environments.
But I have the CAV running on several servers without issues, running with FW & D+ is not stable on all environments, depends on server roles etc.

I see, I am running it on a W2k3 File/Web server just going to use AV and D+ because the web portion of the server is capable of having files uploaded to it. Going to test it out on this one then if it works as it is supposed to I will be adding it to another server that has the role of a Domain Controller if all goes well there it will also gain the role of CESM server ;D and cover all the end points that connect to both servers.