CAV makes my system run slowly (only mouse seems to work)


I have a IBM 240X (128M RAM and a Pentium 500Mhz) ok, so this is an old machine but until I installed CAV on it, it was running well. It had a completely clean install of WIN2K PRO, SP4.

The slowness of CAV seems to be a running issue (searching the forum), but I don’t seem to find an answer or fix, is there one ?


Hi and welcome,

Do you have any other antivirus software on the pc? Do you have many other programs running in the background which may also be using resources?



This is a clean install of Win2K, the only other programs I have are installed are Arconis (True Image and Disk Manager (to copy disks images and resize partitions).

I installed CPF (your firewall product) just before antivirus, (rebooted of course).

If I book into safemode it all works fine (as CAV is disabled).

Other than that it’s a clean system.


It maybe because CAV uses over 60,000kb of memory which is the problem. This could be leaving little memory for your system to run on. Comodo are reducing resource useage constantly to get it a minimum.


Hi again.

Just to let you know. I was wrong, the problem re-occurs after after a reboot. Everything slows right down and there is obviously some comflict or two processes trying to get the same resource?

Following the other suggestion I also upgraded the memory to 196MB (Max you can add). Rebuilt the system from scratch (clean install of win 2K + all the fixes (losts of reboots :-)) and then just installed CAV. This made no difference the slow system problem was still there. I installed a memory monitor ( which reported 48% Free.

It’s a real shame I could not make it work… It seems to have real potential… I’m still running the firewall (which I installed after switching to safe mode, disabling the CAV service and auto start before rebooting and then uninstalling CAV).

I’ll pop back and try beta 2 sometime…

Thanks again


Same problem here.

CAV works well on the XP Home laptops but the PII/366Mhz/Win2K-SP4/768Mb desktop has lost it after the first automatic updates were applied (installed a download from 30.09.2006).

Removed NAV first but symlcsvc.exe was still running as the Symantec Core LC service. Disabled that service and rebooted.

Also tried disabling the ‘On Access Scan’ feature but no joy there, either.

  • removed NAV
  • disabled network
  • installed CAV
  • reboot, reboot, reboot…
  • CAV scans fail - ‘Scan engine initialization failed’
  • removed CAV
  • reboot, reboot, reboot…
  • install CAV with network enabled (never sent any packets)
  • reboot, reboot, reboot…
  • running fine then Automatic Updater updates applied
  • reboot, reboot, reboot…
  • ca. 1 hour to open the CLP and 5 minutes more to open the CAV application

Comodo is an appropriate name as my machine is now draggin’ a**!

lol, same problem here. I posted in this forum, basically the same problem on a 2400+ homebuilt desktop.

The Beta 2 is supposed to be out in a matter of days, and I’m looking forward to it.

My machines run a variety of anti- spy, spam, ad, and malware. I’m HOPING that when CAVS gets past the most serious bugs, it actually WORKS to remove all the trash. Even if it remains a relative memory hog, a guy can remove some of the other programs to make up for it.

I mean, it’s ridiculous to run a half dozen applications to protect your computer from intrusion. A firewall and an anti-virus really SHOULD be enough.

I’ve tested Alphas and Betas before. I can be patient. :wink: There is a lot of work to writing a program, then a lot more identifying problems, then rewriting to fix those problems.

The problem has been identified (after three weeks).

Imagine the number of curses and oaths sworn against CAV in that period.

True, but none of them know what beta means.