CAV_LINUX | v1.1.268025.1 | build date: Mon Feb 25 2013 | Maintenance null

Object: Inquiry regarding the future of this product.

Hello Yanghua Fang | Comodo Staff.

Free programs for Unix/Linux operating systems include Cisco-owned Clamav as still open source and one from Comodo as closed source. The last version of the latter, 1.1.268025.1, was released on 25 February 2013. However, despite the lack of maintenance, it has since been kept available for free download to the public. This makes Its use not to be an option in any work environment, be it home or business.

Were supported at the time of this release:
OS: Redhat Enterprise Linux 5.9 and 6.3, CentOS 5.9 and 6.3, Fedora 17, SUSE LinuxEnterprise 11, openSUSE 12.1, Debian 6.0, Ubuntu 12.04, Mint 13.
MTA and related plugin: postfix:2.9.1, sendmail:8.14.4, exim4:4.76, qmail:1.06-4, amavis:2.6.4.

Note: Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux 9 as free version was discontinued that year.

Situation in modern environment; tested on Fedora Linux v33.

dnf -y install kernel-devel

$ dnf list installed kernel-devel | sed 1d
kernel-devel.x86_64 5.8.14-300.fc33 [at]updates-testing

Once the component has been installed:

$ rpm -qi CAV_LINUX | sed -n ‘2,4p;9p;11,13p’
Version : 1.1.268025
Release : 1
Architecture: x86_64
Signature : (none)
Build Date : Mon Feb 25 10:58:49 2013
Build Host : centos.redhat
Packager : Yanghua Fang <yanghua.fang[at]>

$ cd /opt/COMODO/; sudo ./
Build the RedirFS kernel modules for real-time protection…

tar: /opt/COMODO/driver.tar: Cannot open: No such file or directory
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now
./ line 414: cd: /tmp/driver: No such file or directory
./ line 415: make: command not found
./ line 416: make: command not found
modprobe: FATAL: Module redirfs not found in directory /lib/modules/5.8.14-300.fc33.x86_64

RedirFS kernel modules installation failed.

A serious flaw in this Comodo installation file already appears once this application is installed, despite the installations of other necessary components available from each Linux distributions. Checksum protocols, md5, sha1, provided at the time of that release are obsolete. Hasn’t Comodo any time conceived the need to release an up-to-date product including required fixes? You may know that as a packager if you are still serving this group.