CAV-Linux Ubuntu Installation guide with GREEN shield :)

Hey to all :slight_smile: U P D A T E

since several weeks I am working on the installation of Comodo Anti Virus for Linux Ubuntu; I am using the 14.04 LTS x64.
If you follow the instuctions below, you’ll get a “clean” installation, and after that a green shield, without any trouble.

Just follow the steps shown below:

  • Download the CAV from here:
    • (64-bit version)
    • (32-bit version)
    • (if you have this version of CAV already, transfered into you Download folder of your computer)
    • Double click on the file - it will be opened with the Ubuntu-software center
    • When the installation starts, it will be request a Administrator authorisation, promt and enter your password, press ENTER
    • After the installation is finished, reboot your system
    • Then you see a yellow shield on the left.
    • Follow the order and press “run a first Update”, the virus catalog also will be updated before the virus-scan starts
    • Then “run a complete system-check”, it takes only a couple minutes
    • (a fully system-check will start; so if you have a extern disk via USB, you should pull it off during the scan - safe your time)
    • After the update and the scan is finished, reboot your system again!
      Now your shield has changed to green :slight_smile:

Then you can do all your setting on CAV, like it is recommended here, on the Comodo site:

CAV works fine also with Thunderbird on Linux Ubuntu.
For the settings there please use the SMTP Mail Gateway / any MTA for Thunderbird; also
configure the Inbound and Outbound as it is shown on the screenshots.

You don’t have to follow the complicated ways like this:;msg805114#msg805114

If you have any questions about the above instructions, be free to ask, or post a Reply

Good luck and have a nice day :wink:

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Hi zerberos.

Debian-packages may be more useful on Ubuntu. :wink:

Hello Zerberos
It doesn’t work with Linux Mint 17, and to be honest I can’t see how it can work if you don’t run The kernel modules won’t be loaded.

Have you tested that real time scanning is really running on your install by going to the amstso site and downloading the eicar test file?

Oh well - lucky you! I still can’t understand why it’s successfully installing for you, but I’m pleased it is.

Perhaps someone else using Ubuntu 14.04 will report in soon.

Thank you I might try that on my Xubuntu 14.04.1 :slight_smile: