CAV Linux is discontinued or no?

Why download link for CAV Linux is active in this adress ?

Can Comodo solve of CAV Linux problems ?

Thanks !

Hi Henrique_RJ,

Thank you for reporting.
The CAV for linux is discontinued. The latest versions are still available for download and use, but there is currently no plan to build newer versions.


Why don’t they reactivate CAVL, such a good antivirus?

I’m use CAVL here in my two PCs with scanner ondemand. Much better than the free ClamAV.

There is no other in the world as good and free for Linux as CAVL.

Anti Virus for Linux is still being developed on the Itarian Platform, so can it not be like CIS and released for home users as well ?

Comodo/Xcitium is developing CAVL and Xcitium Linux Agent. We have implemented application whitelisting using fapolicyd GitHub - linux-application-whitelisting/fapolicyd: File Access Policy Daemon and release it in April. Next step on our Roadmap are Open source Linux EDR too.

As we will release a new version for CIS 2024, we will also prepare a release for CIS 2024 Linux.

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