CAV HIPS conflicts with Comodo Firewall [resolved]

I’m running CFP and CAV Beta build under WinXP Home (French version) in a Dell Inspiron 1100 laptop. After today’s Comodo updates, when I reboot the computer, CAV’s HIPS will not allow Comodo Firewall to load. Turning off HIPS protection I can load the Firewall, and then I can turn on HIPS again and work normally. But this lasts only until the next boot, then the same problem crops up again.

You do not need the HIPS in both these. CPF defense + is much better than the one in CAVS, so you need to disable that one.

Thank you, James.

Glad this problem was resolved. I’ll lock it and mark it as resolved. If it needs to be reopened please PM one of the online mods with the url of the thread.