CAV for Mac is Malware

Installing CAV for Mac is worse than having no antivirus software installed at all. It does not work and just wastes a lot of time before you are forced to give up and uninstall it. It may work on old systems but on any Mac updated within the last two years it doesn’t work.
It crashes when doing a full scan.
It will not update virus definitions.
It is not supported by Comodo

  • a support ticket is redirected to these forums and all concerns posted here are ignored.
  • no updates for over two years.

If it is this horrendous on Mac, I would be loath to trust CAV on any platform.

Feel very sorry to hear that from you.
I’ll try to contact a member of the staff directly to advise us on all these issues&future of CAV for Mac.

Sorry to hear about the problems. We are going to release a new version of CAV for MAC soon.

That’s good news. Any beans to spill with us about what to expect?

Good to hear :slight_smile:

I love Comodo, and I’ve been trying to get them to update it approximately 2 years ago… It’s time action is taken. I’m glad you made this post. (Perhaps I posted in the wrong area). I made a similar post that this software was outdated back in the days of Mountain Lion.


So I downloaded this AV because I need protection against viruses. Shortly after install I find out this AV Protection will freeze and crash on the first scan (and every other full scan) >:( >:(. If the AV Software can not scan my machine for antivirus because it crashes, than it’s simply unusable, it defeats its purpose :-TD :-TD. Honestly Comodo, how can you offer this product ? At least specify it is not compatible with the latest OSX. At least give us an ETA on the fix. People say its been like this for two years. Should I look for another solution? Once I’m gone I will be gone for good and never recommend this software to anyone. :-X