CAV Database Servers Down?

Are the database servers down again? CIS hasn’t downloaded a new database in two days. I downloaded the database from the Comodo website which says that it’s 25582, but when I check, it’s 25399! My current installed database is 25580. I’m confused. :-\

I’m on 25582 with the CIS 10 beta as I type. It has not been updated for 12 hrs it said. I did a manual check and I am still at 25582. After the manual check it said it has not been updated for 13 hrs.

The website provides the latest available full database for download. It is promised that the full database for download will be updated every two days. I don’t think Comodo manages to deliver that. However it will also state the latest available database (which is most of the time not the latest available full database).

Can you try a manual update and see if it updates to 25582 or not? Are there other people in the Americas having this problem?

I did try a manual update and CIS says that it’s up-to-date. The downloaded database (25399) is older than the one I have installed (25580) which is not as new as yours. I can download it again in a couple of days if the servers don’t take over.

Hi Guys,
I have database version 25582, showing last update as 16 hrs ago (Down under).

Kind regards.

I just did an update with the beta and it says up-to-date with 25580. US East.

On my system, CIS isn’t complaining that it’s out of date, yet. Windows Action Center let me know a few hours ago. Apparently, Windows likes the database to be more current than CIS does. So far, CIS is “all green” (secure)!

Just out of curiousity, I renamed the bxxxxx.cav file to bold.cav then run the updater again and it returned to version 25582. Est 292 MB.

I get errors when I try that:

BTW, I always get recognizer errors even when CIS is up to date. I figure it’s because I’m using v7.0.

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Hi L.A.R. Grizzly,
Not sure if a system reboot might help.
I had to reboot to delete the old database file.

Regarding the recognizer error, I had posted some suggestions for another member to try in the following topic without success until reply 16.
Error: 0x80030201 in Comodo Free Firewall log

Kind regards.

Edit: In your situation, I hope you still have the renamed database file.

I have everything back to the way it was. I had a backup of the database. As far as the recognizer error, I have no errors showing in my firewall logs, like those mentioned in the link you posted. Version 7.0 doesn’t list the recognizers. The file is present. Is there a way to tell if it’s working? It may be working, just not updating.

Hi L.A.R. Grizzly,
If it is loaded it will show up in the Viruscope details. (Screenshot)
The details will be blank if it is not loaded.

Kind regards.

BTW: My database is now 25583.

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You guys down under must be privileged! I fired up my laptop which hasn’t run in 10 days. I updated CIS. It updated, but the database file is 25580! Same as my desktop. The U.S. servers must be having trouble (or maybe the whole northern hemisphere). ;D

BTW, it has the same recognizer error! The recognizer shows up just the same as your screenshot, so I assume it’s working, it just won’t update the recognizer.

Maybe just not enough of us to cause server overload issues. ;D

It’s all good now! CIS just updated the database this morning to 25586. All that worry for nothing! 88)

Remember there is always the cloud and the sandbox in cases like this. I’m never worried if the local database would not get updated for a couple of days.

I don’t use the cloud, it’s not available for Realtime scanning in v7.0. I do use the sandbox. I wasn’t worried as much as Windows was. Windows was the one that kept bugging me. Now Bill Gates’ wonderful OS is happy. Thanks, Billy!

Windows Security Center can be switched off. :wink: Windows Security Center does nothing else than tell what the security programs tells it. It’s a dashboard for security applications for the user who can quickly see the security status.

I know. It’s nice sometimes to let it keep an eye on things. It rarely bothers me. It just noticed that CIS wasn’t updating. Nice to know if something isn’t working properly. No biggie.

Are the database servers down again?

sorted out!