CAV causes very slow boot

I installed Comodo Firewall and so far it has been working great. Now I installed CAV and things looked good until I applied updates to it and rebooted. Now my system has been rebooting for the last hour. You can see icons slowly poping up in the status area and if I do something like pressing ALT-CTRL-DELETE, it will pop the task manager window in about 5-10 minutes. It’s a good thing I’ve got 2 machines because the one I installed CAV on is useless. I’ve seen some references to “slow booting” in the forums but nothing really like I’m experiencing. I’ve removed all previous anti-virus software (AVG) and firewall software (ZoneAlarm) and don’t have Avast. I am running SpyBot with the tea timer. Any suggestions?


Probably you may try to remove CAV temporarily to see whether it helps. Can you access it via safe mode?

After 2 hours, my computer was fully booted but most things took forever to do. I finally got it to work by booting with my network diconnected. After a little fooling around, I tracked it down to my network attached disks. When they were attached and the network was attached, the boot would take forever. I then removed everything, disconnected from the network and then re-installed and things are working just fine even when I attach the network and disks. I can’t figure out what these disks have to do with the virus scanner other than it scans them for virus’. On to better things now. ???