CAV block aplication

I’ve CAV and with it i can’t access to my crm system (Sugarcrm). Without CAV it works. It works well with the Comodo firewall, only the antivirus blocks this aplication - if i disable it the problem it’s the same. when i uninstall CAV that aplication work fine.

My system is XP home SP2 and this aplication works in a browser (in IE or Firefox its the same problem) with Apache and MySql. (i don’t know if it is necessary but the adress in my pc is: )

Can you help me, pls?


Hi, have you tried adding it to the exceptions of HIPS?


Well … thanks for your sugestion but … :-[ doesn’t work. even if i disable HIPS

I’m afraid I have no other idea here. Let’s hope for someone else.


Have you tried excluding all CRM files and folders from on-access scanning as well as HIPS?

I am wondering if CAVS has a problem with opportunistic locking???

If excluding from on-access scanning does not work then I think it may be that we will have to wait and see how CAVS 3 works - hopefully the upcoming CAVS 3 will work much better than CAVS 2.

Until then, if all else fails I would recommend Avast 4.7 until CAVS 3 appears - I have switched to this on one pc where CAVS 2 gave me some annoying problems (nothing major, just annoying!)


Well, everyone like me … without solutions!
Thanks for all sugestions.