CAV and detection

Hello, i have tried the anti-virus of Comodo but it can’t replace with all respect NOD 32, Kaspersky or G-Data, it’s unstable and have an poor detection of virusses, trojans, scumware and so on.
After 1 day working on a clean pc i was removing the anti-virus, after removing and rebooting the pc no lan connection parts of comodo are excisting i have run winsockfix and the lan was fixed.

I installed NOD32 and 11 virusses/malware were detecting Cav is scanning the same virusses and didn’t nothing with the viruses i have send all the samples to ESET the vendor of NOD32 and they confirmed all detected virusses are correct and including the malware that seems that mine system was infected.

I have read that there is no award giving to Comodo and that concerns, for the developers please update so soon iff possible the anti-virus database and keep developing the cav because with an good detecting it can beat the top NOD32 Kaspersky Bitdefender

There is a new version of CAVS in development which should be complete early next year from the sound of things.

The new version will have better scanning and detection will be vastly improved (the malware database of BOClean will be included also).

Meanwhile the virus database for CAVS 2 is increasing comparatively rapidly with daily updates and it does still have the HIPS funtionality as a great preventative defense. I use CAVS 2, CFP, BOClean and a small dose of caution and have not been infected with anything for quite some time - HIPS has protected me nicely on a couple of occasions, warning me about things that I would otherwise have been unaware of. Many are now convinced that prevention rather than detection is the future for protection against malware.

I think that once the new version is released and is no longer a beta many of the antivirus testers will test it and it will cause a bit of a stir.

I understand if you wish to switch to another antivirus that is not a beta product and has better virus detection, however I would recommend that you keep in touch here and watch for the new version, it will be worth the wait I think!


i am fully agree, i have running the firewall and boclean, and nod32 because malware detection is very important but preventing is much more important and Comodo does an great job i’ll wait for the official version meanwhile i trust only NOD32.