CAV - Unrecognized files at startup

Hi guys,

For several days I’m monitoring the behavior of Comodo Antivirus vers. On every Windows startup, I see unrecognized files, even those legal like Firefox, Vivaldi Browser and many system32 dll. files! The weird thing is, that all these actions are not reflected in LOGS interface! I’m using Win10Pro-64bit with some precautionary measures against Microsoft & Co SPY/Privacy environment. I mean some “deny IP” rules in Windows Firewall. But I don’t thing these rules affect the work of CAV. As I mentioned on another topic few days ago, Rating Scan finished successfully, TRUST Level: 100%!

Do you have any indication about this?


It’s a purely visual bug, which doesn’t affect anything. They are aware and it has been rectified in the latest Beta versions. No doubt it will be fixed permanently in the next RC;msg879552#msg879552

Thanks for the info.