CAV 1.1 and CAV 2

CAV 1.1 and CAV 2 beta can still be downloaded:

Why? ???

Softpedia links to them… 88)

CIS only runs on XP or later,maybe for pre-XP systems the choice is still there.

But the definitions are not updated…

Suppose there really a bit of a waste of time,i know some web pages havent been redone for a while,ill ask

I submitted a form to softpedia for CIS :slight_smile:


I love CAV 1.1 - it was the very program that made me register at this forum. (:CLP)

CIS has now been added on softpedia


CIS has been on Softpedia since September. :wink:

But they still haven’t removed CAV 1.1 and 2. 88) ??? I told them that CAV is now part of CIS, linking to: Nothing has happened. :frowning:

True, but that was the beta only ;). Now the stable version is on softpedia.
Have you send them a form for the av ?


I used this: to tell them about CAV being part of CIS, and download links.

I’ll send them a totally new form :). as per

They did it quite fast :wink:


Form sended :slight_smile:


Yes, they usually do, if it’s about adding new software, or new versions of software, only hours or even minutes sometimes, but they don’t want to remove anything, like CRC for example. Yes, I’ve told them about CSC:wink: At least they have removed CMG beta now. :wink:

Softpedia has removed CAV 1.1 and CAV 2 beta. :slight_smile:

They are still on Comodo’s servers, but I guess no one will find them there. :wink: